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Appliances can Reek Havoc on your Home

7/24/2019 (Permalink)

Inexpensive part causes costly repairs.

It's a gorgeous day out, the breeze is light and the sun is warm. You think to yourself what a great day to get out for a drive or a ride. So you pack a day bag and head out the door on an adventure.  What an awesome time you had out on the road and now you arrive back home. Walking through the door you hear that unmistakable slish slosh noise of water on the floor. OHHH NOOO!!!  Where is all this water coming from? You look around and discover it is coming from under the refrigerator. As you investigate some more it turns out that it is a relay valve that cuts the water on and off as needed for either the ice maker or the cold water dispenser. It worked fine this morning when you refilled your Travel Cup with Ice Water. Check out this article from Consumer Reports

Most Common Appliance Problems and Repairs

SERVPRO has Expanded!!

6/30/2014 (Permalink)

As of May 2014 SERVPRO of Winston Salem North expanded. We are still located at 4994 Indiana Ave Winston Salem, NC 27106, but we are now in Suite A and B. This means our company is growing!! We couldn't have done it with out- #1 our customers and #2 our staff and crew, that provide such excellence in customer service.