What our Customers say...


I can't say enough about the tremendous service we had from Austin Bruce's team. They came all the way down from NC to Orlando, FL to help folks like me and my family who had taken a beating from Hurricane Ian. After having knee-high water in the house, we had no idea what was going to happen, or how we could begin to recover. It was a real comfort to us to meet Austin and his crew (including John Brown, Isaac Cannon, and Rocco Willis), and to see them set quickly and professionally to work to deal with the situation. They worked tirelessly, and under tough conditions to dispose of our water-logged furniture and belongings, and to demolish the damaged drywall. Even though the place was severely damaged they treated my property with respect, and treated us with genuine compassion.

These are the guys that you want helping you in your hour of need. Lots of people promise to provide excellent service; Austin's team actually delivers. What a great crew!

SERVPRO of Winston Salem North did an amazing job with my car, and provided excellent customer service as well. My vehicle was stolen, and the perpetrators smoked in the car. I cannot describe how disgusting my vehicle smelled when we took it there (even after 4 to 6 hours of detailing, shampooing the upholstery and the carpets) and SERVPRO returned it to me fresh, clean, and entirely smoke free. The turnover was fast, the customer service was great, and the quality of work was top notch. Highly recommend.

Thank you SERVPRO! Everyone was so helpful when our Mom’s basement flooded. Savannah Weaver was exceptional. She was so kind and patient. Her assistance with and attention to our 87 year old mother meant so much to us. We just can’t say enough good things about Savannah and the SERVPRO staff!
Barbara Grinnell’s daughters

When a running (forgotten) faucet overflowed my laundry room sink and water flowed to my downstairs finished basement, you can believe I was so so upset...and embarrassed.
Jason and his team from SERVPRO came the very next day and started their very professional, very competitive clean-up process. Jason was wonderful, assuaging my worries and concerns, and answering all my questions patiently and completely. Within 5 days, the clean-up process was complete, my house is nice and dry now and ready for repairs. I cannot say enough good things about Jason and his team from SERVPRO. They are true professionals who care about their customers and the quality of their work.

They gave us clear timelines and delivered on time.

SERVPRO of Winston Salem North has been AMAZING ! The entire team has done a GREAT Job with repairing my home. All of the staff has been very nice, and has answered all my questions. The repairs to my home were done in a timely manner. Everyone has gone above and beyond to meet my needs and repair my home.

They've done a Wonderful Job

SERVPRO of Winston Salem North helped reduce my anxiety because I felt confident with them. 

SERVPRO of Winston Salem North is a very professional and respectful group of people. If you have to have work done, they do it no problem. 

Brian explained each step as it was being done, he also took the time to explain Why and How long each step would take. I appreciated all the information so that I could make better decision on how I wanted my restoration to progress. 

Brian Showed up early and worked efficiently and professionally all day. 

Great Service!

Chris and his partner were very polite and did a great work on their part, We look forward to a speedy and great restoration to finish this job. 

Chris was very professional, polite, knowledgeable & easy to work with. 

They came over late on a Sunday night, and helped us so much. We were able to get back to work so fast!

ERS & ART of NC has partnered with Zach and SERVPRO of Winston Salem North on several jobs recently. The experiences have been great and the guidance and communication by Zach is top notch. The jobs go seamlessly for us and the customers.

We needed to be up and running quick, and they came in, cleaned up, and got us back to work so fast! It was amazing. 

Wanted to Thank Sandy, Vince, and Zack for their kindness during this long process. 

SERVPRO of Winston-Salem North is like my own personal fairy god mother, they saved my kitchen from being a complete disaster, and they did it over night! SERVPRO of Winston-Salem North is amazing, and I am so glad they helped us.

These people have taken care of me from start to finish. My problem was significant. It took 5 months for me have my sewer problems corrected. During that time, SERVPRO never forgot me. From the first call I made to the final resolution, I have been nothing but pleased. Vince Willis is a god. He came to my home at 11 pm on a Friday night to help me. And I should add that my Friday night problem was entirely unrelated to with the services I was receiving from SERVPRO. However, Vince came. At 11 pm. On a Friday night. These are professional people with a soul. I can't count the number of times Vince and others have contacted me to find out if there was any way they could help me with my ongoing sewer problems. When my flooring was laid, it was done quickly, competently, and it looks wonderful. I will always remember. And I will contact them again when I decide to have my carpeting replaced on my second floor. Hire these people! They are the real thing. And great fun. Vince made me laugh even when I was mired in sewage. Great people.

Last fall was a very trying time for me, multiple things went south all during the month of November. SERVPRO responded immediately upon my call when the lower portion of my house had water issues due to a broken water line. They immediately started the clean-up process and help preserve the items in those rooms. Once the adjuster was finished they gave me an estimate to correct the damage caused by the water and at the same time I mentioned I would like some additional work completed and where they able to do that work also. They provided an estimate for the additional work and once approved, they got to work to restore my downstairs as well as completing the additional work I requested. Everyone I spoke to throughout this process were courteous and helpful. I am impressed with their professionalism and follow through on checking in with me throughout the entire process.

SERVPRO of Winston Salem North took great care of us. They sent out the estimator and construction supervisor the day we called. They worked with us to minimize disruption in our house and in our schedules, and still got the work done quickly, efficiently, and well. They took great pains to protect the undamaged portions of our house while they worked. Everyone who showed up was courteous, professional and on-task. While I don't want to need them again, they will be my first and only call if I do.

SERVPRO of Winston-Salem North Rocks!!!

SERVPRO of Winston-Salem North helped us with dust and mold remediation and repair/reconstruction. They were prompt, professional, extremely courteous and complete in their assessment of the damage and repair. We have had experience with other cleanup and restoration services and we can say without a doubt that SERVPRO of Winston-Salem North is far-and-away the best service that we have ever had the opportunity to work with. They will be the first call should any other disaster occur in our house.

I enjoyed working with Vince, Bill and the whole crew when we had major water damage in our basement during Hurricane Michael. They were quick to access the situation and come up with the best way to take care of the water damage. Very Professional!!! We will Definitely use them again.

The workers did a great job. Especially Carlos who was very hard working and professional. As are Chris and Kia. and production manager Bill Artz was outstanding and thorough in coordination what needed to be done. Very please with the work. 

Had a sizable water damage claim back in June....the SERVPRO Crew was out there within 3 hours and had everything gutted and started drying before that evening! Throughout the whole process, I was consistently kept in the loop and up to date about the repairs needed....the crew called every morning they were coming out and when to expect them, and their motto rings true...the house, with all the damage that it DID have....looks "Like it never even happened!"

I worked with SERVPRO during a fire restoration job. We had a warehouse fire, and they were able to quickly and efficiently clean up all the soot. We were able to open back up and get back to business, so that our losses were minimal. I would recommend SERVPRO of Winston Salem North to everyone

Lorenzo & Barry are the best. Went all out to make sure I was happy.

Clayton is great to work with!

Thank you , amazing job! 

Attitude was very nice.  

Good job by nice people. 

To whom this may concern, I wanted to let you know I have had one of the best crew from SERVPRO. Vince, Zach Gerald, Brando, Ann, and Clayton. If I had to do it all over again I would pick the same crew. I would tell my friends and my Facebook friends about my SERVPRO family.

They do a great job and communication every day.

Great Service, it was "Like it never even happened." Dustin and Chris were very friendly and personable. 

Everything was good, very sufficient. 


This Company and its personnel have done a very professional job. 

"I enjoyed working with Vince, Bill, and the whole crew when we had major water damage in our basement during hurricane Michael. They were quick to access the situation and come up with the best way to take care of the water damage. Very professional!! We will definitely use them again."

Bill, Vince and their crew were fantastic to work with and took every precaution to take care of a mold and water damage to my grandfathers house. The staff did everything they could to help a retired vet. I would use SERVPRO of Winston Salem North again. It was also wonderful to work with other previous military so I applaud this company for that as well.

Dear Tanya, How can a person with wet ceiling, wet carpet, wet walls, and a broken water heater three weeks before Christmas be happy? Well, I am Because your staff has done their best to make this situation pleasant for me. Your office staff is very friendly, efficient and professional. Your technicians were very professional and knowledgeable. They all are clearly customer focused. Thank you for all you did and for hiring such great people!

To the owner of SERVPRO, I wanted to write to you let you know how impressed I am. I am so grateful to have Jonathan, TJ, Joe and Brent to come to my home. Their expertise, patience and perseverance in helping us resolve this problem was, top of the line! They undoubtedly care about their customers. I can tell they were trained very well and this says a lot about your company, and I would refer you to anybody who would like to receive such great service.

I wanted to let you know I am pleased with all of the SERVPRO guys. The amount of work they did in a couple weeks is impressive. That first day when everything was over and the stress started to settle in. TJ came by and walked us through the process of what was going to happen and that was wonderful for my wife and I. The extra time he spent with us explaining everything really made us feel as good as possible in this stressful situation.

Your crew was very professional and answered/informed me of all the procedures. SERVPRO helped reduce my anxiety, because I felt very confident with them in my home.

SERVPRO is a very professional and respectful group of people. If you ever have to have work done do to a problem that is out of your control... Call Brian at SERVPRO!!

TJ Littleton, was attentive to my concerns and I very much appreciate it. Sara in the office is very courteous.

To my SERVPRO sweetheart TJ!! EXCELLECT JOB EVERY ONE OF YOU!! TJ Made me feel at ease with all the damage I had. He also shows that this is not just a job for him and his crew. TJ has a way of taking all the stress off of me! He is definitely a keeper!! Thank you again for everything!

Brent and the Crew are AWESOME!! They helped make this process a bearable one.

No Improvements needed!!

Lorenzo Wood and Brent Cartette were wonderful to work with!! Lorenzo kept me posted along the way, they were very pleasant and hard working!! I would recommended them!!

This was our second water damage at our dads house, and SERVPRO of Winston Salem North Saved the day again! Lorenzo, Dale and Brent are Wonderful! Prompt, polite, efficient- could not have asked for a nicer crew! Thank you!

Thanks for Everything! You guys did a great job. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

This is just a small token to thank you for all of your help with our basement the past few days. You are a great advocate, calming personality and process expert. What a help! Thanks you! Michaele and Carter.

We wanted you to know how much we appreciate all you have done for us in the past few days. We have told everyone we know how you were up all night and again the next morning. Thank you for your willingness to tackle this project and for all of your words of encouragement during those " Low Points". We know you are very busy, and we are so grateful that you still took the time to do your job "Right!" Bless You! Michaele & Carter