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A Season of Giving

Visiting our local Blessing Boxes

It's never too early to embrace the spirit that comes along during the season of giving. As we eagerly anticipate the festive season, let's not forget our community members in need. Consider donating canned goods to local food pantries and donation boxes within the coming weeks. We stopped by one of many local pantries and filled it up with a few essentials. And because every member of our community matters, we left a few snacks for our furry friends too!Join us in making this holiday season a little brighter for everyone. Together, we can make a difference and spread the joy of giving. Let's ensure that #LikeItNeverEvenHappened applies to hunger as well.

dual coffee pot station

Caffeine Headaches

Sadly, this Dual Pot Office Coffee Maker sprung a leak that went unnoticed for quite some time. The water was able to creep into the cinder block wall, which was improperly sealed with paint, and it took a few extra days to get this room to dry out. SERVPRO of Winston Salem North can help with all types of water damage, big and small!

pipe sticking out of wall, with black mold growing all around it

Aging Pipes are one of the leading causes of mold growth opportunities

Downtown Winston Salem is coming back to life! Homes and Buildings are being remodeled and refitted for brand new business and families. Aging Pipes are one of the biggest issues we've seen lately. We love calling on Cogar Plumbing to Help us out. Locally Owned and Operated. They been voted #1 in the Triad for the past 2 years.  They'll take care of those pipes, while we take care of the mold.

Cogar Plumbing

big hole in roof of building with debris fallen all inside roof

Tree Damage in Winston Salem is on the rise

Lately we've seen an uptick in Tree Limbs falling during storms in Winston Salem. The Triad has always been in the Top #10 list of Tree City, USA. With All those trees , a little responsibility is placed on home owners to have their trees trimmed and sick plants destroyed. Otherwise They will end up with Tree Damage

Frozen over door AC unit broken by ice

Improper Instillation Leads to Ice Build up

A massive ice storm piled up high on an outdoor and over the door AC unit. Causing it to freeze and over flow. The water leaked down side the walls and doors causing a massive mold growth and a head ache for this business owner. Make sure to always have proper coverage and insulation on all your outdoor appliances. When you are dealing with storm damage, give us a call to get back on your feet asap!

back work room cleaning floor sink full of mops and buckets

Mop Sink Overfill

Most employees do not realize that Mop Sinks have strainers in the center that capture any potential debris. This might be no problem, until it's a BIG problem, and the water is starting to back up and flood into your Restaurant.  Train your employees to regularly inspect your mop sink, and save you money and headache. 

White Husky Dog Wearing a shirt and sitting in office chair

Stud Muffin and His Trip to SERVPRO of Winston Salem North

We had such a Blast Fostering Stud Muffin!

At Forsyth Humane Society, a foster is someone who temporarily cares for an animal in need. They provide love, attention, and care until the animal is ready to come back to the Adoption Center.

We refer to our fosters as heroes, because with their help, we have the ability to rescue more homeless animals.

Become A Foster Family Today

Green SERVPRO Truck with Blow up White Christmas Bear

Winston Salem Christmas Parade 2019

It was a perfect night for the parade!

SERVPRO of Winston Salem North had a BLAST being in the Annual Downtown Winston Salem Christmas Parade. 

Run by the Winston Salem Jaycees, if you are interested in knowing more 

Black Burnt Charred Wall of Trailer next to a Burnt Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Fire almost ruins Christmas

A blazing tree can give off as much heat as forty thousand 100-watt light bulbs, enough to create flashover within a room, where all objects begin burning at the same time

Some More Info on Fire Damage and Safety

small black burnt hole damage in white ceiling

Bad Wiring is Bad News

Never Forget, Electricity started to be main stream in the 1880s, and some of the very first homes in Winston Salem were built in the 1900s.

Updating your Electrical wiring should be on the very first steps in your new home. Most Modern Electrical Appliances and Lighting fixtures require a higher voltage and grounding outlet. 

dentist office chair with water damage on floor

Winston Salem medical offices require SERVPRO of Winston Salem North to use extra special care

Most Small Medical Offices are locally owned and operated, and like any other small business a catastrophic event could severely damage their livelihood.  An extra level of care and concern is always exercised at any medical office because of the high tech and state-of-the-art equipment.  A great way to stay ahead of any disasters is to give us a call about our Emergency Readiness Program, Free of charge, to help mitigate any future damages.

A Commercial Emergency Readiness Plan

A Large Tree has fallen into a home, it has settled into the bedroom, lots of debris is covering the area.

Last year we had a lot of trees fall on homes

According to OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration), more people are killed by falling trees every year (100+) than are killed by sharks (about 4-7 per year).

If you’re in the house when a tree falls, leave the house and the property as soon as possible. Beware of downed electrical lines, and if you have gas lines, do not use your cell phone to call for help until you are away from the house. Use the safest route possible to get away from the house.

While we hope you never experience a tree falling into your home, we do know we are ready to help you restore it in the event of one. Just give us a call any time  24/7 we are always here to help.

Phone: (336) 744-5104
Fax Number: (336) 744-5105

Flood Water has entered a home , coming in at the bottom of a door that has had it's water resistant weather barrier damaged

Flash Flooding can cause damage by backyard entry door

The bottom weatherstrip (or door sweep) on the exterior doors were worn out after eight (or more) years of daily use. Most people notice the problem when wind driven rainwater leaks under the door. The weatherstrip needs to be snug against the door threshold for a good seal and it wears out over time as the door is opened and closed.

Sadly, this homeowner had to learn the hard way, that it needed to be replaced. While they were not affected by the flooded river, the amount of rain that came down crept under his door and into his house. 

Large SERVPRO  vehicle arriving on the scene, with a snow storm happening, and with snow on the ground.

SERVPRO arrives in the middle of a snow storm

Even with SNOW on the ground, We always respond to any Job. We follow the US Post mans motto "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers". We are here and ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Black stove that caught fire and melted the microwave that was mounted above it.

Stove and Microwave Damage from Fire

To save time, money, and space, most new kitchens have started mounting microwaves above ranges. It helps with counter space, doubles as a range hood and venting for stove. While this is a fabulous idea, it can cause quite an issue when the stove catches fire. As you can see in the photo, the heat and flames from the fire, cause the microwave to start melting, causing more damage and mess. 

Dark soot coated a ceiling after a kitchen fire

Soot dusting on ceiling of dining room

Wherever the smoke from the fire reached, it carried soot with it. There is different types of soot , that requires a professional eye to know the proper way to clean and restore the damage. 

A stove that has caught fire with black soot and burned ash on everything

Kitchen Fire in Winston Salem, NC

Home fires are more likely to start in the kitchen than any other room in the home.  Fire extinguishers are a great tool, but like any tool you need to learn how to use them properly and safely. I highly suggest having a small one to use in your kitchen to help with any fire that might happen. 

Large water puddle in restroom over drain that isn't working

Large water puddle in bathroom

People tend to be less respectful of commercial bathrooms than those in their own home. Bits of paper towel, food and dirt can clog a commercial drain and cause the water to drain slowly or not at all. This paints an unprofessional picture of your business, which could have a negative effect on the way your customers perceive you.

large black water damage and mold growth stain, underneath kitchen counters from a dishwasher door seal failure

Dishwasher door seal failure caused water and mold damage.

If you've noticed water pooling infront of your dishwasher, it could be the #1 most common issue in kitchens. The dishwasher has a damaged or deteriorated door seal, also known as a tub gasket, they wear out over time, and will need to be replaced every so often. Water usually leaks from the lower sides of the door if there is a breach in the seal. Over time, it will cause your flooring to deteriorate, and mold to grow underneath your cabinets. 

Large body of water after storm inside a commercial basement

Water pooling in commercial basement after flash flooding

When flash flooding occurs, the water will travel the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, that might be the stairs to the conference room in the newly refinished basement.  This water has no where to go, it will sit there until it evaporates. The water will ruin the pad and carpet, causing discoloration and mold growth. 

Rain water and mold damage in ceiling tiles

Rain water and mold damage from severe storm

Rain water passes through the atmosphere before falling to the ground, so it can pick up any contaminants in the air. Mold spores are one of the most common rain water containments.  If a storm causes damage to your roof or drainage system, it's best to get the professionals at SERVPRO of Winston-Salem North, a call to dry out and remove any water, before the mold has a chance to take root. 

There are lines of water damage next to an electrical breaker box in a commercial building

Water Damage next to a commercial electrical breaker box

When you have a  step crack in a cinder block foundation it allows water to seep into a building at a slow, but steady rate. If a commercial basement isn't regularly inspected,   the water will creep in and allow mold to grow at a steady pace. 

SERVPRO employee using one of our water extractors to remove water from carpet

Water Extraction in commercial building

Water Extraction is one of the crucial roles we fulfill in a commercial water damage event. If any moisture is left behind it will create a hospitable environment for mold growth. 

Production Manager and Crew Chief Training on Computer

We are The Experts in our Field

Staying up to date with the latest Software and Techniques is an important process in our day to day operations.  We pride ourselves on a continuing education program. It might be in the office, or it could be on the Job, but we are always learning and growing to make sure you get the best services possible 

Crew Cleaning A Commercial Building

Professional Commercial Cleaning

When you choose SERVPRO of Winston-Salem North, you are choosing only the best in professional commercial building cleaning crews. Our dedicated and hard working employees are always in uniform and show up every morning with a Can Do Attitude! Why choose the rest, when you can have The BEST. 

SERVPRO Water Extractor Pump

The SERVPRO Water Extractor

The SERVPRO Water Extractor is a powerful portable machine specifically designed to handle extreme water damage jobs. It has powerful suction capability to efficiently and effectively remove water from carpet and flooded structures. Quick and Efficient, This machine will have your carpet clean and dry in no time. 

Safety First

We take safety seriously here at SERVPRO of Winston-Salem North. Keeping our technicians out of harms way is just as important as educating them on the dangers of not wearing personal protective equipment on certain jobs. To ensure that our techs are properly protected, we perform a Respiratory Fit Test. Here you can see what they must complete in order to pass the Fit Test. In the top left, the technician makes sure he has a good seal. The bottom left, he is introduced to an odor inside the hood that he can taste. In the big picture, if the respirator is properly fitted, once the odor is introduced into the hood again, he will not be able to taste it. 

Disaster Hiding Behind the Wall

Here, we see the cause of a 8 room water disaster. This nail was put in the wall, when the home owner bought the home 10 years earlier. From the moment that nail went into the wall, the disaster clock was counting down. No way the Home Owner could have avoided this. That nail sat in the water line until finally it rusted enough that the head broke off and a small spray of water began. Unfortunately, the Home Owners were out of town and that spray ran for a week behind the wall, flooding 8 rooms on two floors. What a surprise they must've encountered when they returned home. At least they knew who to call. Our team of professionals came to the rescue. They mitigated the water loss using the science of drying. 

The Science of Drying

In this picture, you can see how the technician has placed the low profile air movers in a pattern that allows for maximum air circulation that aids in the rate of evaporation. Our Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier sets just off to the side pulling the moisture from the air. 

Water Extraction

Here a technician is extracting water from carpet that is being removed. This creates a lighter debris load thus saving the techs back. It also cuts down on weight in the dumpster making it more fuel efficient for the truck taking it to the landfill. 

Soot Clean Up

In this picture we have two technicians cleaning soot from a clients home. Notice the protectant on the floor. One tech is using a wet cleaning method while the other appears to be dry cleaning the door.