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back work room cleaning floor sink full of mops and buckets

Mop Sink Overfill

Most employees do not realize that Mop Sinks have strainers in the center that capture any potential debris. This might be no problem, until it's a BIG problem, and the water is starting to back up and flood into your Restaurant.  Train your employees to regularly inspect your mop sink, and save you money and headache. 

dentist office chair with water damage on floor

Winston Salem medical offices require SERVPRO of Winston Salem North to use extra special care

Most Small Medical Offices are locally owned and operated, and like any other small business a catastrophic event could severely damage their livelihood.  An extra level of care and concern is always exercised at any medical office because of the high tech and state-of-the-art equipment.  A great way to stay ahead of any disasters is to give us a call about our Emergency Readiness Program, Free of charge, to help mitigate any future damages.

A Commercial Emergency Readiness Plan

Large water puddle in restroom over drain that isn't working

Large water puddle in bathroom

People tend to be less respectful of commercial bathrooms than those in their own home. Bits of paper towel, food and dirt can clog a commercial drain and cause the water to drain slowly or not at all. This paints an unprofessional picture of your business, which could have a negative effect on the way your customers perceive you.

Large body of water after storm inside a commercial basement

Water pooling in commercial basement after flash flooding

When flash flooding occurs, the water will travel the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, that might be the stairs to the conference room in the newly refinished basement.  This water has no where to go, it will sit there until it evaporates. The water will ruin the pad and carpet, causing discoloration and mold growth. 

There are lines of water damage next to an electrical breaker box in a commercial building

Water Damage next to a commercial electrical breaker box

When you have a  step crack in a cinder block foundation it allows water to seep into a building at a slow, but steady rate. If a commercial basement isn't regularly inspected,   the water will creep in and allow mold to grow at a steady pace. 

SERVPRO employee using one of our water extractors to remove water from carpet

Water Extraction in commercial building

Water Extraction is one of the crucial roles we fulfill in a commercial water damage event. If any moisture is left behind it will create a hospitable environment for mold growth.