Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Black Burnt Charred Wall of Trailer next to a Burnt Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Fire almost ruins Christmas

A blazing tree can give off as much heat as forty thousand 100-watt light bulbs, enough to create flashover within a room, where all objects begin burning at the same time

Some More Info on Fire Damage and Safety

small black burnt hole damage in white ceiling

Bad Wiring is Bad News

Never Forget, Electricity started to be main stream in the 1880s, and some of the very first homes in Winston Salem were built in the 1900s.

Updating your Electrical wiring should be on the very first steps in your new home. Most Modern Electrical Appliances and Lighting fixtures require a higher voltage and grounding outlet. 

Black stove that caught fire and melted the microwave that was mounted above it.

Stove and Microwave Damage from Fire

To save time, money, and space, most new kitchens have started mounting microwaves above ranges. It helps with counter space, doubles as a range hood and venting for stove. While this is a fabulous idea, it can cause quite an issue when the stove catches fire. As you can see in the photo, the heat and flames from the fire, cause the microwave to start melting, causing more damage and mess. 

Dark soot coated a ceiling after a kitchen fire

Soot dusting on ceiling of dining room

Wherever the smoke from the fire reached, it carried soot with it. There is different types of soot , that requires a professional eye to know the proper way to clean and restore the damage. 

A stove that has caught fire with black soot and burned ash on everything

Kitchen Fire in Winston Salem, NC

Home fires are more likely to start in the kitchen than any other room in the home.  Fire extinguishers are a great tool, but like any tool you need to learn how to use them properly and safely. I highly suggest having a small one to use in your kitchen to help with any fire that might happen. 

Soot Clean Up

In this picture we have two technicians cleaning soot from a clients home. Notice the protectant on the floor. One tech is using a wet cleaning method while the other appears to be dry cleaning the door.